Suites 4, 5, 7, 13, 14, 20 27 : Local Primary Care

Local Primary Care was established in 2014 as the Federation for all General Practices in Blackburn with Darwen. Our purpose is to support our constituent practices in providing excellent primary care services for our patients.

Our focus is on:

  • Working with general practices at scale to provide primary care services
  • Preserving personalised healthcare and improving continuity of care
  • Support practices to develop their services and workforce
  • Working in partnership with other health and care organisations to create collaborative ways of providing care

Suite 8 : Aintree Medical

Aintree Medical is an independent Medico-Legal reporting agency. We provide a fast, efficient and quality service of medical reports in Industrial Deafness

Aintree Medical is one of the fastest growing well established independent Medico-Legal reporting agencies in the UK. We provide a fast, efficient and quality service of medical reporting and focus on the national provision of independent medico-legal reports with great integrity. Our areas of expertise are specialised in Road Traffic Accident and Industrial deafness.

We have an extensive nationwide network of professional medical experts and solicitors on our panel who are committed and apply years of skill and knowledge. Being a forward thinking company and as a special provider for personal injury doctors and ENT doctors our focus is to provide high standards and quality of medical reporting.

You can count on Aintree medical every time to deliver quality reports with a minimum inconvenience for you and your clients and can guarantee a smooth, innovative and reliable service. Our management teams are highly experienced, committed and apply years of skill and knowledge to each client and medical reports.

Tel: 01254 504 900



Suite 9 : A K Conglomerate Ltd

Our company sources goods from around the world and delivers to customers around the world; and we help other companies do the same.

We specialise in providing post-Brexit solutions to U.K., EU, and rest of the world companies involved in trading goods and services. Our services include sourcing, procuring and reselling goods to distributors and customers across the UK market and in arranging exports from UK companies to EMEA countries.

We specialise in sourcing automotive parts for all types of vehicles, with a strong background in the JDM market. We also source, procure and resell a wide range of goods (and parts) across the health and fitness industry, food manufacturing industry, catering industry, automotive repair industry, health and beauty industry.

We have extensive knowledge and experience consulting businesses on facilitating trade using non-Sterling denominated currencies; including cryptocurrencies and NFTs, in addition to advising on brand growth opportunities and business tax liabilities arising from cross border trading using foreign currencies.

Suite 10 : ILM UK Ltd

ILM UK is dedicated to supporting some of the world’s poorest people in developing countries. We tackle poverty at its root, by improving access to education and providing society’s most vulnerable with opportunities for a better quality of life.

Phone: 03000 111 000 |  (For international calls please use: +44(0)1254 265 451) 



Suite 11 : Pennine Lancs Building Control

Responsible for ensuring that buildings are properly designed and constructed so as to ensure the Health and Safety, welfare and convenience. Ensuring that buildings comply with current building regulations.

Tel: 01254 505 022



Suite 12 : Super Smash Media

Information coming soon…

Suite 14 : Eco Grants UK Ltd

Eco Grants UK is specialises in all aspect of heating, electrical and insulation grants under Eco Scheme.

What is Eco.
The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a government energy efficiency scheme in Great Britain to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty by installing energy saving measures.
The scheme began in April 2013, and over time it has been amended. The latest version is called ECO3, which commenced on the 1st October 2018 and will finish in March 2022.
The Energy Company Obligation is governed by Ofgem

Tel: 07490495618



Suite 16 : Choice Care

Delivering quality care for people in their own homes.

Arranging care for someone close to you, or for yourself, can be quite a daunting prospect. We understand the issues you may face. For example, you may wish to provide the care yourself but can’t because of having children to look after. Alternatively, living a distance away, or having a demanding career, will prevent your availability to provide care to a loved one.

Tel: 01254 504905

Suite 17 : Logical Injury Rehab Ltd

Logical Injury Rehab clinics are based in Blackburn, Lancashire. Our physio and rehab specialists understand the importance of fully recovering from injury. Through assessment, a variety of treatment techniques and a prescriptive exercise plan we strive to help you get back to pain free day to day living, work, sport or competition.

Tel: 01254 505000 or 01254 504945


Suite 18 : Otis Lewis

Otis Lewis Ltd specialises in helping individuals claim compensation

Providing assistance to clients in the case of accident/incident. Assisting with personal injury claims.

Tel: 01254 504994



Suite 19 : Foundations

The Foundations Studio provides fresh and creative make up for all occasions, specialising in Wedding make up and one to one makeup training. For a flawless finish contact Hawa. Weekend and evening appointments available.

Tel: 07887407787

Suite 20 : Local Primary Care

Information coming soon…

Suite 21 : Swift Rehab

Swift Rehab is an established mental and physical rehabilitation agency. Our reports and services are professional, yet flexible enough to be tailored to the requests of solicitors and clients.

Tel: 0330 124 0717


Suite 22 : Connect Blackburn

More Information coming soon…

Suite 22 : RedSky IT

RedSky software enables construction companies to achieve and maintain competitive advantage. We make real-time actions visible, enabling you to control change, eliminate risk and achieve ongoing incremental gains from improved operational efficiency.

Tel: +44 (0)20 3002 8600

Suite 23 : Wescott & Heney

Westcott & Heney is a leading design house, creating inspirational mix of traditional techniques with modern interior trends. We have a fabulous bright studio space in the Enterprise Centre in Blackburn.

Tel: 01254 505000

Suite 24 : U Got this Mental Health Clinic

U Got This is an alternative mental health service based on Therapeutic Practice in Social Care, combined with Psychotherapy and Energy Psychology, which explores triggers, patterns and root causes of chronic stress and anxiety related issues.

Download our brochure 

Tel: 07780664061


Suite 25 : Valentina Rose

The Valentina Rose studio provides a bespoke bridal gown and occasion wear experience for our clients. Ensuring our clients are kept up to date with every step of the process, from the design to sourcing fabrics and constructing embroidery. Our client’s options are limitless! For a bespoke couture experience please email or call for an in studio appointment.

Phone: 07738059147

Suite 26 : Faciem Aesthetics

We are passionate about aesthetics. Built on 15 years of private medical experience, we are experts in our field. Patient interests are at the centre of everything we do and aim to achieve. Understanding your needs, we provide expert, specialist advice as well as guidance on a one-to-one basis, ensuring the perfect results every time. We only use the gold standard products which allows us to maintain extremely high standards. We promise to create an enhanced version of you.

Our values:

  • We pride ourselves on providing expert advice and guidance
  • We only use the best products and will not compromise on this
  • We believe less is more and strive to achieve natural results
  • We are not incentivised by selling you treatments. We will only treat those we believe we can work with to recreate our vision.

We offer

  • Dermal fillers such as lip augmentation & non-surgical rhinoplasty
  • Wrinkle smoothing (Botox)
  • Chemical Peels
  • Micro-needling
  • Injectable skin moisturisers (Profhilo)
  • Vitamin Boosters

Tel:01254 467 167


Suite 27 : Local Primary Care

Information coming soon…




Suite 28 : Karolia & Co Accountants

We provide a cost-effective, high value solution to meet all of your financial needs.
We work hard to get to know you in order to deliver timely, individual advice on how to improve your business and personal wealth.

Tel: 01254 427 044



Halal Options

One Option Finance Ltd offers Independent advice on Property Purchase Plans (Islamic Mortgages, incorrectly) that are ‘suitable for muslims’ but available to everyone regardless of faith. We are directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We believe our expertise and knowledge of this industry is unmatched and give our clients totally unbiased advice. Once we understand your needs and affordability, we will recommend a product from the whole market. We will take care of arranging the finance for you from completing the bank’s application to packaging the case and presenting to the bank, taking away all the hassle and stress from you and improving your chances for a successful result, first time.

Tel: 01254 663 730